Hey there 👋!

I'm Alejandro, a Spanish software developer based in London with 5+ years of experience.

I consider myself a curious, eclectic person. If one thing could be said about me is that I'm passionate about learning. My interests are all over the place: product management, software architecture, system thinking, agile, DevOps, leadership, culture, entrepreneurship…

Besides professional interests, I love music (constantly trying to get back to playing guitar), video games, reading books and comics and training for strength and health, there has to be a balance between mind and body.

I believe that creating products and developing software is as much of a technical endeavour as it is intrinsically social and human. At the same time, I had the immense luck of working with many teams and experienced different ways of working and domains. Some teams had modern practices (Extreme Programming, DevOps) that impacted my understanding of what software development could be.

My overarching goals with the blog are to:

  • Spread awareness of different ways of working and being.
  • Show a broader way of looking at things. In particular, software development.
  • Learn in public. Share my journey and reflections as a human working as a software developer.

You can follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Mastodon and you are welcome to reach out via email.

I also have a personal newsletter where I'm curating content, talking about my journey and posting reflections that I don't add to the blog: alejandronapoles.beehiiv.com.

Fun facts

  • Some of my favourite games: Grim Fandango 💀, Chrono Trigger ⌛, KOTOR 🌌🔫, Pokémon, Halo.
  • A touching album 🎹: The Köln Concert.
  • Favourite book: Journey to the West 🐒.
  • The last film I loved: Everything Everywhere All at Once.